The Tennessee Maneuvers – A Temporary Interruption

Film Crew is Headed to Ohio

Film Crew is Headed to Ohio

More than 850,000 soldiers trained during the The Tennessee Maneuvers. You’d think it would be easy to find some of them, but it’s not. After all, it was many decades ago and most are in their mid-90s. Still, after a lot of phone calls and a lot of Google searches, we found two soldiers who just happen to live about 2 hours apart in Ohio.

One of them was trained to drive a tank and the other learned how to build communication towers and string the necessary wiring.

In 2012 Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN (the field headquarters for the 2nd Army) presented honorary degrees to the The Tennessee Maneuvers soldiers. Both men were quick to show us their diplomas – which were proudly displayed next to their other war memorabilia.

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